Monday, September 20, 2010

Facebook test

OK so I may be a little behind with technology, apparently theres this thing called facebook that I can also publish my blog posts on, it gets more coverage that way, so this is a test. One of these is of Dilly and Hugo knocking on Amelias door, the other is of the NCT kids having a little boat race.


Mark Montague said...

Great pictures Paul! I like the style of painting too. You should try concepting work for children's TV. The difference between Games and TV, is that in games you don't get to keep the copyright on your designs, but in TV you do.

Even though you don't come up with the ideas and plot-lines for the tv series, you are still credited as a co-creator, because the visuals are all your own work.

So you could be sitting on a beach on holiday somewhere in the Pacific, whilst a TV series you worked on is being shown somewhere in the world and you have royalties rolling in to your bank account.

littlemithi said...

Hey paul! Thanks for the comment over at mine... Yup I know Roland - coz we both dance lindy hop!

The fabric - well I only made enough for the degree show. Was a right pain in the a***! Digital fabric printing is quite a hit and miss process. But I've had a lot of interest and thinking of getting more printed. What did you have in mind? maybe we can work something out... :)

Love your stuff by the way!