Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting it right

Dilly's bike picture isn't going anywhere, not surprising really it started off as an example to show the publishers of a kid on a bike do I've put that on hold, might come back to it later. So last night I started on an Idea Ive wanted to do for Dillon and the NCT kids for a while, they're all off to school soon so I wanted to do a picture of them all going off on their own little adventures. I struggled with the boats for a while though and this was the best sketch. However I realised I was guessing at angles and shapes again. This time however I stopped as soon as I realised to try and work out a simple form I could rotate into loads of angles. A big part of being a decent draftsman Ive recently been taught is to be honest with yourself if something isn't looking right, it's taken me a while to get though.

so here's a more simplified boat shape, I wanted the proportions to be cute and the shape to be easy to read, the fact that it doesn't mimic a real world boat shape doesn't matter, it needs to be naive and endearing. The fact that this also makes it easier to rotate in 3d space is a bonus! I'd say the top sketch and the bottom left and right ones are the best

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