Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doggy Neckerchief

After the Relentless exhibition I kind of fell off the wagon a bit with regards to drawing, got burnt out. Also I've been doing a lot of concept stuff at work so I've been getting my satisfaction from that, frustratingly I can't post that yet so for now I'm taking a leaf out of Crowpies book and doing a daily sketch. Try to keep it quick as well, I got too caught up trying to do complete pictures last time and lost track of just drawing for the sake of it. I finished this one off this morning, its from a biro doodle on lined paper, about 5 cm tall, often my best work. Its my oldest son, Dillon, love you Dills X


Dion Lay said...

Cool, man now I might have to actually get back to drawing as well!

Roland said...

Good to see you back. Look forward to more great stuff like this.

CrowPie said...

awesome as always, more more more!!