Friday, January 30, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Sir Dillis Pickleman

What with the imminent arrival of our next son I haven't had much time for drawing but I've managed to squeeze this one out for our existing son's wall during my lunch hours. I plan to do a series of his adventures for the Relentless art exhibition this summer, and maybe even a sculpture.


Roland said...

Love it. Looking great nice to see you stretching beyond your earlier style. This is really strong. Looking forward to more.

Björn Hurri said...

Congratulations on your son Paul!
You do know that my son name is Hugo, right? :D

Happy that he is out and well!

Congratulations again!

Paul Abbott said...

NO! Did you tell me you were going to do that? if so it must have gone in subliminally, we thought we chose it because Dillon's favorite song from Cbeebies was Hugo Monkeys Funky Jungle Conga and it was stuck in our heads for ages. Sorry, maybe we should pitch them against each other in a pub car park to fight it out, winner gets the name.